Saturday, October 24, 2009


specroscopic method >>>>utilized interactions between electromagnetic radiation and matter sebabnye nk provide information pasal ciri2 analyte quantitative and qualitative .

ape bnda quantitative tu???>>>>>>
-kkk mai nk explain quantitative tu bnda yg boley kta measure..cthnye concentration and composition.

Qualitative lak???>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>???
- bnda yang kta boley tgok,n cthnye structure n interaction.

uV - vis Spectoscopy
ape lak bnda ni ek??
hurm...benda ni klu x clp involves pasal interaction of Uv dan visible radiation with molecular species.
- measured by material : intensity of absorption of Uv and visible light( lamda @ wave length in range of 200-750 nm)
- absortion ni myebabkn electon move from grond state to excited kta excited ni energy level lbih tggi...

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